denis reperantWho am I?

Initial schooling full of twists and turns, a wide variety of jobs (McDonald’s team member, temp at Amazon, security guard, lowcost web editor, policeman for three years, SEO consultant) and a successful return to school (university degree in webmarketing) followed by 2 years in a web agency… My CV could make several pages!

These changes have always been guided by a single objective: to be happy in what I do!

Today I have achieved this goal. After several years as a freelance web editor, I am in control of my work and can regularly discover new themes, new tools…

How can I help you?

The web and marketing are obviously what drives my daily life. Every day, I think about the best ways to improve my sites (and create new ones) while increasing conversion. Because yes, as a naughty capitalist, my main goal is to make a living from my job.

But, I take pride in owning sites in my network that are really useful and interesting for the Internet users. This is the purpose of this one and that’s why I can have my name in the domain!

I also want to write on less technical and commercial matters, without becoming another personal development guru who doesn’t even apply what he says. Organization, productivity, teleworking are areas that I am constantly trying to improve in order to work better, and less, while maximizing results.

To find out more about me, check out my Linkedin: – Well, don’t expect regular sharing, I use it as an online CV and very rarely go on it.

If you want to contact me, you can use this form: